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TBD Group?

TBD [abbreviation] To Be Determined
TBD Group
is above all, the meeting of a CFO and a CIO, frustrated by the non-targeted service offers in the e-commerce field. Not to mention the poor quality of customer service: lack of understanding of the need, lack of follow-up, no maintenance during holidays, vacations ... In short, they are fed up with being disappointed and not finding the service provider who understands the real problems and needs related to a specific business, without trying to sell a panoply of useless services.

From this observation was born in 2015 TBD Group: agencies and régie specialized in the accompaniment of e-commerce project. Our goal: to allow you to have an online store, simple, sexy and efficient, consistent with your core business, your business objectives, your target and your resources.

The team

Unique personalities, expert and complementary skills to realize your project. In four words: a great team!
  • arnaud-b arnaud-b
    President TBD Group
  • christophe-alias-49.3 christophe-alias-49.3
    General Manager TBD Group
    & Business Expert
  • Jonathan B. Jonathan B.
    Jonathan B.
    General Manager TBD ONSITE
    & Technical Expert
  • Jonathan F. Flash
    Jonathan F.
    Director TBD Paris
    & Technical Expert
  • Jérôme Jé...di
    Director TBD Lyon
    & Technical Expert
  • Gérald Kiss
    Directeur général Web2Perf
    & Technical Expert
  • Vincent D'Artagnan
    Vincent P.
    Technical Expert
  • Guillaume D Bane
    Guillaume D.
    Technical Expert
  • Lyse Arwen
    Directrice de Projet
    & Expert Métier
  • Cyril Robin des bois
    Business Expert
  • Lorraine Elsastic Girl
    Business Expert
  • Solenne Fantômette
    Business Expert
  • Christopher The king
    Lead Developer
  • Jeremy Barbare
    Lead Developer
  • Dorian Venom
  • Mohamed Luffy
  • Jocelyn Superman
  • Pierre-louis Teletubbies
    Pierre Louis
    Lead Integrator
  • Guillaume G. Tortue géniale
    Guillaume G.
  • Brice Iron Man
  • Rita Mulan
    Responsable Administratif
    & Accounting
  • Lucie Lagartha
    Développeur en alternance
  • Rodolphe Dare Devil
    Chef de Projet en alternance

Our services

  • Consulting & e-commerce strategy to define together the scope of your project as close as possible to your real needs and resources.

  • Website development & maintenance to allow you to sleep on both ears.

  • Customized training to pass on knowledge to your teams and increase their skills.

  • A management service offering rare talents to meet your needs in resources but also to accompany you in your recruitments.

  • Web2Perf : Audits et analyses complètes pour garantir un site en bonne santé et vous donner nos meilleures recommandations

Our little extras

  • Une trentaine d’experts e-commerce le jour et supers héros la nuit

  • 4 agencies (Marseille I Lyon I Paris I Nantes) to be closer to our customers.

  • A broad network of partners

  • Une palette de services pour vous conseiller dans votre projet et vous accompagner dans l’évolution de votre site.



We are Rugby, we are #2023

Une belle année qui marque une jolie croissance pour l’ensemble du groupe bien que les indicateurs politiques, économiques et sociaux ne soient pas vraiment au vert (guerre en Ukraine – inflation des prix – mouvements sociaux …).

Le monde du e-commerce connaît un nouveau paradigme, qui embarque TBD sur la voie du commerce composable (headless). Nouvelles technologies, nouvelle vision et bonnes pratiques à connaître, qui poussent et motivent les équipes à se former et à monter en compétence.

Objectif : Apporter le meilleur du e-commerce et de la technologie au service du business des marchands. Et toujours dans cette optique d’accompagnement experte, la filiale Web2Perf est officiellement créée pour se focaliser sur le métier d’analyse, d’audit et d’accompagnement AMOA.

La France accueille cette année-là, la coupe du monde de rugby à XV. Alors que le slogan de cet événement mondial résonne partout sur l’hexagone, « La passion ça se partage » aussi chez TBDGroup.


God save TBDGroup

Les dernières traces du passage de la crise sanitaire mondiale essuyées, TBD Group ressent le besoin de se recentrer sur ses valeurs, son savoir-faire et ses envies.
Un pôle audit-conseil est mis en place avec à sa tête Gérald Cann. Des changements du côté des équipes avec plus de collaborateurs certifiés, de nouvelles recrues, des évolutions de postes…
Un nouvel équilibre qui donne un regain d’énergie, de motivation, de plaisir et ça se voit !
De nouveaux clients, de nouveaux partenaires ont rejoint notre aventure et des objectifs à la hauteur de nos ambitions.

Alors que la Queen Elizabeth II tire sa révérence, TBD Group se réinvente en changeant sa stratégie, en adéquation avec sa jolie croissance.


What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Like our clients, partners and colleagues, we have not escaped the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. But in spite of a slowed down activity, we knew how to redouble our efforts and to show patience and perseverance, which was worth to us the signatures of new customers, the hiring of our new recruits, the fidelity and the confidence of our historical customers but also of all our teams to continue the activity of the group.
We have strengthened our partnership with Adobe e-commerce to become a 100% Magento referenced and recognized agency.

Despite the pandemic and the drastic measures put in place, the Tokyo Summer Olympics opened on July 23. It is in adversity that the greatest victories are revealed.


Nothing stops us anymore

Despite the confinements, travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 health crisis, TBD Group continued to stick together so that the adventure could continue serenely.
7 new recruits joined the team, 10 freelancers work regularly for the group, new partnerships are signed and TBD becomes Bronze Magento partner, an Adobe company.

Like the successful launch of the Mars 2020 mission last July, TBD Group's meteoric rise speaks volumes about its future.


A brand new management service

Concerned to know its customers 100% satisfied, TBD Group decides to create its service of advertising space specialized in IT & e-commerce. TBD Onsite is born with Jonathan Beynayoun at its head.
This branch TBD allows the group to expand its services, to provide expert skills at the client's premises. In the same year TBD Group becomes an Akeneo partner and has 5 new employees for a total of 20 experts.

Although the end of the Games of Throne series has been announced, the Lion King movie is a hit with 6.95 million admissions.


Welcome aboard TBD Group

TBD SAS draws a line under his previous life to become TBD Group.
At its head Arnaud Becquart the President & Christophe Debosque the CEO.
The group expands to be present in France with 4 agencies in total: Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, with Gérald Cann as director and Jonathan Farbiarz in charge of the Paris agency.
Surrounded by a strong team of 15 employees, TBD Group becomes an integrator partner Odoo.

And to top it all off, Harry & Meghan say yes for life, across the Channel.


TBD opens its office in Lyon

Always in its his ascension, TBD decides to look beyond the borders of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region, to open a new agency in Lyon, with Jérôme Breton as agency manager. The family grew to include 10 employees. That same year TBD obtains the Silver Partner certification from Oro Commerce.

While Emmanuel Macron is elected president of the republic on May 07, Thomas Pesquet put stars in our eyes with his selfie taken from space.


Creation of an office in Aubagne

After one year of operation and success, TBD SAS is surrounding itself with more experts and has 6 employees. And a team means a playground. The first office TBD was born in Aubagne, in the country of Marcel Pagnol, with the director Frédéric Genty

The release of the Pokemon GO game in late July captivated millions of people and sent Nintendo's stock price soaring, generating $8 million in profits. The pocket monsters are back (to play a trick on you)!


Start of the adventure

Disappointed and tired of bad experiences as a client/trader, 2 friends decide to create their own agency. No time to find a name, TBD SAS (To Be Determined) is born. Specialized in e-commerce, TBD develops e-commerce sites, offering complete services from strategy to design to maintenance and training.

A new start also on the Paris side. The famous Pont des Arts is lightened of all its love locks.