TBD Group is also a service of management - TBD Onsite - specialized in the field of IT and e-commerce. Created in 2019, TBD Onsite seeks for you the technical and qualified human resources, essential to the success of your project.

"The art of success is knowing how to surround yourself with the best." JFK

Provision of skills

Need an expert temporarily, for a replacement or for a project?
TBD Onsite selects for you, several rare profiles to meet exactly your need for skills:
  • Developer

  • Lead dev

  • Expert backend & frontend

  • Project Manager

  • Product owner

  • Scrum master

  • UI-UX Designer

Recruitment assistance

Need help with your recruitment?
We advise you and accompany you in your steps, to help you find your future talents.
TBD Onsite it is:
  • 1 strong team at your service

  • 40 expert employees

  • A dozen technologies mastered: Magento, Laravel, Symfony, Python, Angular/JS...

  • 39 active clients ready to testify

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